FLAT $10 SHIPPING on US/Canada diecast orders over $80

Add-to-My-Pile Shipping Program

If you want to combine multiple orders so you pay for shipping only once, e-mail us at info@hanzdriven.com asking to add your order to your "Pile" every time you place an order. This way we will keep your items aside and ship them once you e-mail us requesting the items to be shipped. We will refund the shipping fees for all your orders but one so you save on shipping. Adding multiple separate orders to your Pile will not count towards free shipping but will get you savings on shipping.

Add-to-my-Pile FAQs

No, but not a bad idea 😊

No, it’s optional!

By using the Add-to-my-Pile option, you can consolidated the number of shipments needed to ship all your items. By lowering the number of shipments, you save money on shipping fees, as you will pay for shipping only on the first order.

You will be charged for shipping every time you place an order. Once you request to have all your items shipped, we will ship them and refund any overage from your previous so you pay for the shipping of only one order.

The Add-to-my-Pile Program is a great way to save you money by not having to pay for shipping multiple times. With that said, you must pay for the shipping charge. While we would love to give you as many discounts as possible, there are costs associated with the storage of your items and logistical challenges that do not allow us to ship them for free. We appreciate your business and understanding.

If you wish to add your purchase to your pile, and have it shipped on a future date with other orders, simply send us an e-mail every time you make an order and we will keep your items together. Once you want us to ship you items, we will combine your shipment and refund the funds for your other shipments.