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Liberty Walk’s Bold Take on the Ferrari F40

December 01 2023 – Marko Grujic

Ferrari F40 Liberty Walk
Ferrari F40 Liberty Walk

F40 Liberty Walk Ferrari Matte Black

Hey Gearheads! If you're into the world of automotive tuning, you've probably heard of Liberty Walk, the Japanese tuning company known for its bold and polarizing creations. 

Well, they've done it again, and this time, the iconic Ferrari F40 is the canvas for their latest masterpiece.

Liberty Walk's Epic Journey

Founded in 1993 by Wataru Kato, Liberty Walk has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Now, it stands as one of the most prominent and divisive tuners globally. 

The recent 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon played host to their latest jaw-dropping project – a Liberty Walk reimagining of the legendary Ferrari F40.

Liberty Walk's Ground-Hugging F40 Makeover 

F40 Liberty Walk Ferrari

The Liberty Walk touch on the F40 is nothing short of audacious. 

The complete body kit, revealed at the Auto Salon, transforms the classic lines of the F40 into a wide-bodied spectacle that demands attention. The pop-up lights are gone, replaced by a new arrangement, and the iconic Pininfarina design features a revamped set of diffusers and a prominent rear wing.

Of course, Liberty Walk's signature bolted wide arches make an appearance, accompanied by a suspension drop that gives the F40 a ground-hugging stance, completely slammed.

The Liberty Walk F40 Divides Opinions but Wins Hearts 

The Liberty Walk F40 is undoubtedly a head-turner, but opinions are split on this bold transformation. 

Ferrari enthusiasts might raise an eyebrow, considering the Italian brand's history of frowning upon aftermarket modifications. 

But this Liberty Walk creation is a showstopper for those who appreciate daring designs.

With their keen eye for the latest trends and ability to produce what collectors want, Inno64, a leading diecast manufacturer from Macau, specialized in 1/64 scale, brings the F40 Liberty Walk to life in one of what might be their best releases to date, and certainly a 2023 Top Pick for Roby Albertini, Hanz Driven’s CEO.

This model got completely sold out in just a couple of months, so well-done if you managed to pre-order it! If not, don’t cry just yet, Inno64 has released a black special edition for the Hong Kong Toycar Salon and you move fast you might still grab one here

Besides that, Hanz Driven is also bringing another F40 in red which can still be order here and a Ferrari 308 Liberty Walk available here.

Ferrari 308 GTB Inno64


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